The carbon tax will have negligible impact on the cost of new homes

Discussion of the proposed carbon tax is practically inescapable for most Australians at the moment, but the proliferation of information doesn’t mean that homeowners understand the potential impact on them! And that’s where eTool can help. Continue reading

Zero Carbon Challenge

eTool joins the Zero Carbon Challenge

Renewal SA, previously Land Management Corporation (LMC), in partnership with the Integrated Design Commission (IDC), is challenging the development industry to aim for zero carbon, in an exciting new competition that could offer a glimpse into the future of housing in … Continue reading

The science behind eTool – Life Cycle Assessment

Richard Haynes, eTools own LCA guru, has provided a great introduction into Life Cycle Assessment and its relevance to residential buildings. If you are looking for an explanation of the principles of LCA in regards to the built form this is a great place to start. Continue reading

eTool Version 1 Release

After over twelve months of concept design and prototype development eTool will be released FREE to the public on May 25th 2011. Continue reading