Helmuth & Eugenis Thumb

The Green Swing team plan to set an example of what is possible in community, sustainable city living. They enlisted eTool to determine the true sustainability score of their small development in Lathlain and we have profiled the  best performing dwelling of the three.

The summarised results of this project:

Total CO2e / Year / occupant (kg CO2e) % Saved Against Benchmark eTool
Embodied Carbon 605 34 %
Operational Carbon -1,136 140 %
Total Carbon -531 108 %

Project features

  • Low embodied carbon straw bale walls, recycled bricks and timber
  • Higher density than surrounding suburb (longer expected service life of the buildings)
  • Largely natural finishes resulting in a decrease in plaster, paint and associated recurring embodied carbon
  • Exceptional thermal performance (no requirement for airconditioning and / or heating)
  • Solar hot water system
  • Solar PV renewable energy generation, excess generation fed into the grid offsetting coal fired electricity


Follow the project’s progress on our blog,  Facebook or visit The Green Swing.

Please contact eTool to arrange a cost effective assessment or training on how to achieve best practice in low carbon building design.

This assessment was conducted by Richard Haynes