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CUSP Seminar 21st March – Alex Bruce

CUSP Morning Tea Seminar 21st March

Putting “design” back into ESD – the only way to achieve a genuinely sustainable outcome

Over the past decade we have seen multitudes of “green” rating specifications created around the world with the aim of transitioning us towards a sustainable future. While predominantly voluntary, some are now regulated and we find a large number of ESD (Environmentally Sustainable Design) consultants offering their services to help achieve these standards. Although these mechanisms have assisted in improving the general outcomes of buildings, their often over prescriptive nature has removed the ability for designers to actually design, resulting in perverse outcomes for the environment, society and the economy. So how do we filter through all of these “green rating systems”, get ESD back on track and achieve genuinely sustainable outcomes? It’s easy! Come to this presentation and you’ll find out how.

The presenter: Alex Bruce

A bit about Alex…

Co-founder of eTool (a global leader in software for sustainable design), Alex is a mechanical and sustainable energy engineer with over six years experience in the renewable energy and energy management sector. Alex has specifically focused on the built environment from residential to commercial applications. Being outdoors and immersed in nature has been a big part of Alex’s life, from growing up on a farm just outside Perth to living and working in the Kimberley. He ‘walks the talk’ when it comes to low carbon living and retrofitted his inner city home to be carbon positive with recycled water and an edible garden. Since eTool was founded, Alex has worked with architects, developers and international engineers, educating, training and providing solutions to challenging technical engineering problems.

When: 11am for Morning Tea, Seminar from 11.30-12.30 

Where: CUSP – 3 Pakenham Street, Fremantle 

Just across the road from Fremantle train/bus station

Feel free to join us for a cuppa and a chat before the seminar

For more information visit the CUSP website: Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute


Australia’s First Gold Medal Development

Perth property developer and builder Psaros have undertaken an Australian sustainability first with their new green luxury development just minutes from the CBD.

MARQ is not your average development; progressive, sustainable, innovative and luxurious, but definitely not average. Incorporating green initiatives such as energy efficient appliances, smart metering, electric vehicle charging and solar PV options for every buyer, the Psaros designers wanted to make a long term impact on Perth’s developing landscape.

At Psaros, we’ve always been keen observers of sustainable solutions, but felt ill equipped to make a meaningful commitment. To us, it was about more than simply adding in a few solar panels or solar hot water, we were looking for a holistic solution. After discussing the project with Green Gurus and eTool, we at last had a framework that could underpin our sustainability initiative and add a whole lot more for future residents,” says Mike Enslin Managing Director, Psaros.

The development has undergone a full life cycle assessment using eTool’s unique software which was recently praised by the academic community as one of the best in the world for measuring the carbon impact of the built environment. Lowering the environmental footprint of the design was the starting point, but during the assessment, the teams broadened the scope to include advanced technology and sustainability features which help buyers reduce and maintain their own low carbon footprint by accessing their energy systems via mobile apps and monitoring their own behaviour.

 “Initially our assessment was a retrospective to help Psaros implement new features in their next project. But once we started, everyone could see that there was a great opportunity to adapt the MARQ design, and overall we’ve made changes that should save 20,000 tonnes of CO2 which is fantastic, says Richard Haynes, Director, eTool. Psaros are making huge strides ahead of their peers and if the response from buyers is anything to go by, then we’ve got an exciting time ahead for sustainable building in Australia.”

Since marketing the project, MARQ have made even greater carbon savings, taking the final result from an eTool LCA Silver Medal Rating to a Gold Medal Rating, an Australian first for a multi-residential project.

“The LCA process was a fantastic way for us to understand the “carbon footprint” and what it meant relative to an industry benchmark, and what in fact that benchmark was, says Danny Psaros, CEO, Psaros. What we’ve found very informative has been the holistic solution we were seeking. Whilst the headline grabbing components such as the 69kW solar array are important, the overall picture is much more so. From the solar passive design to the sensor switches and location of our developments, everything adds to the optimal sustainable outcome.”

MARQ is a mixed use development with 58 units and commercial retail space in West Leederville, Perth. Units are currently on sale with over 65% sold in the first two weeks and construction will begin in March, two months ahead of schedule due to the success of sales.

To find out more about the project visit the MARQ by Psaros website or for more information about the life cycle assessment and results, read the case study in full. 

About eTool

eTool is a world leading life cycle software company that optimises building design for lower environmental impact and greater performance. Utilising their unique software eTool LCA®, they work with architects, engineers and developers to measure and improve the life cycle impacts of buildings, surpassing industry standards. From residential and commercial to development and infrastructure, eTool LCA® makes sustainable development easy to achieve and cost effective for all size projects.


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