Eco Tech Show

eTool Presents at The Eco Technology Show UK

The Eco Technology Show is the UK’s premier event for sustainable build, energy, transport and technology.
As part of the One Planet Living event organised by BioRegional, we will be presenting the initial findings of a life cycle assessment on One Brighton using eTool LCA. Over the last few months, we’ve been working with BioRegional and HTA to complete a comprehensive assessment on the development, comparing it to As Designed, As Built and current UK housing stock.
The results are out and we have put together a short presentation overview covering the following:
  • Human Ecological Footprint
  • Ecological Footprint of Buildings
  • LCA Goal, Scope & Methodology
  • Functional Unit
  • Benchmarks
  • Results – As Designed
  • Materials LCI Sensitivity 
  • Results – As Built
  • As Built Vs As Designed
  • As Built Target Vs As Designed
Today’s itinerary is as follows:
Using One Planet Living to link planners, developers and investors
Can the One Planet framework help align different agendas and increase efficiency of planning, delivery and capital flow? Can One Planet Living differentiate places and increase inward investment? What are the main actions we need to take to enable more One Planet Communities to be built?
Cities for Change
What is the place for cities with under 0.5 million residents in a One Planet Future? Can smaller cities outpace megacities? Can they lead in creating a green growth economy? Can smaller cities create a higher quality of life?
What are the key factors in making a successful One Planet City? What are the specific actions and projects we can develop?
Workshop – Sustainability on a Shoestring
With pressures on public budgets, can One Planet Living’s focus on quality of life help us build consensus in an age of austerity? Can we increase financial and economic resilience? What cultural changes might be required?
Seminar – Carbon Lifecycle Assessment of One Brighton
Architects HTA and FCBS will present findings from a carbon lifecycle assessment of the One Brighton development using eTool software.
Perth GBD 13

Perth Green Building Day Event

Join us for Perth Green Building Day 2013 as the eTool and Cundall teams bring you innovative new software systems, built environment trends and sustainable building concepts in their afternoon seminars.

4 – 4.30pm – Oliver Grimaldi from Cundall

The future of Sustainability Assessments- Online Management

In this seminar, Oliver will give an overview of a new document and submission management framework. This new system is a paradigm shift in the way environmental assessments will be managed in the future.

4.30 – 5pm – Richard Haynes from eTool

Good Planning: Making Zero Carbon Building Development Easy

In this seminar, Richard will discuss the impact of the built environment on global warming, why we should be moving to lower carbon communities and how zero carbon development can be easily achieved with the right design and planning.

5pm – Networking –  Drinks and nibbles provided

Perth Green Building Day is a great opportunity to network with local industry colleagues and the Pier Street Collective team members – eTool and Cundall.

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