eToolLCD – Introduction video

Scientifically Rigorous

Reports compliant with international standards EN 15978 and ISO 14044

Open Use & Web-Based

Only pay for what you need and no software downloads required.

Multiple Impact Reporting

CO2e, Cost, Energy, Water, Land Use, Ozone Depletion, Human Toxicity, and more.

Great Support & Fast Results

We’re passionate about life cycle design, and we want you to be too. Our great support network and rapidly evolving software development ensures you’re always in good hands when using eToolLCD.

Clients Using eToolLCD In-House

“It was great to be able to put together the full Life Cycle model of the design and get a detailed understanding of the embodied and operational environmental impacts across a range of metrics. Using eToolLCD made what would have been a very complex process manageable and added valuable information to the project.”

“I have been using eToolLCD on a number of projects over the past year, inclusive of a major supermarket, Green Star Projects and a sustainable housing community in Victoria. I have found it much easier to work with (compared to other programs and in-house tools) and I like the online user interface. The software was very easy to pick up and the team at eTool have been very helpful during training sessions and through the certification process. I like the fact that it is a dynamic program which is continually improving and growing – new materials, systems and functionality are continually being improved and updated.”

“eTool made it easy for us to set a benchmark in whole of life environmental impacts that is both compliant with leading international standards and also recognized under the Green Star rating tool. A clear understanding of absolute impacts at aggregate and detail level is essential for identifying hotspots and exploring the real benefits of improvement opportunities. I highly recommend integrating eTool at earliest project stages to support systems thinking and inform decisions.”