eTool’s Vision

A fun and fulfilling future in balance with the planet

Our Story

The story of eTool starts with two friends and engineers Richard and Alex. In 2009, a light conversation about sustainable buildings turned into a disappointing realisation that there were discrepancies with sustainable buildings everywhere they looked, with nothing around to help buildings perform better and quantify their sustainability. So, they decided to take matters into their own hands and in 2010, after an incredible amount of hard work, eToolLCD was born.

Since its inception, the eTool team has grown, reaching countries all over the world such as the UK, Brazil and Germany. With over 450 LCAs under our belt and an impressive client list working on some fantastic projects, we’ve quickly become a global leader of LCAs of the built form, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of the evolution of sustainable building design. For all of us here at eTool, it’s not just about creating the best Life Cycle Design software out there, not just about building sustainably, and not just about reducing our impact on the planet.

It’s about simply building better.

Meet the Team



Alex Bruce

Business Development Director & Co-Founder

Alex is a mechanical and sustainable energy engineer with over nine years experience in the renewable energy and energy management sector. His expertise specifically focuses on the built in environment, from residential to commercial applications.

Being outdoors and immersed in nature has always been a huge part of Alex‘s life, from growing up on a farm just outside of Perth, to living and working in the Kimberly. He ’walks the talk’ when it comes to low carbon living and retrofitted his inner city home to be carbon positive with recycled water and an edible garden. Since eTool was founded, Alex has worked with architects, developers, and international engineers to educate, train, and provide solutions to projects ranging from residential to infrastructure.

On his spare time, Alex can be found on his family farm in the Perth hills planting trees and making wood pellets for his company EnviroHeat, or burning trekking through the hills on his mountain bike.

Richard Haynes

Cofounder and CoCEO, Product Manager

Rich is an engineer with over 20 years of experience in consulting, management and software design. His experience spans multiple sectors including mining, electricity utilities, renewable energy and construction.  He is passionate about the environment and continuous improvement.

Growing up on a farm in NSW, Richard spent a lot of time outdoors where he developed a great respect for nature and the environment. His journey towards co-founding eTool started back in 2008 on a mini expedition across a Canadian icecap.  He saw firsthand the damaging effects of climate change on the glaciers and made a personal promise to dedicate what talents he had to reducing global warming.

Since then, Richard has been the driving force behind software development bringing eToolLCD market and makings sure it is a leader in user experience, availability, accuracy and most importantly low carbon design capability.

Outside of work Rich is a proud and active father of three boys who he is slowly introducing to the wilderness.  He’s looking forward to them accompanying him more on his trekking, climbing, biking, and back country skiing adventures where he’s been most moved by nature.


Henrique Mendonca

LCD Engineer | Global Business Development Manager

Henrique is an electrical engineer with over ten years experience working with Engineering and Information Technology throughout South and North America, and Australia. After moving to Australia in 2012, Henrique decided to specialise in Life Cycle Assessment of the built environment, aligning his work with his passion for sustainability. During this period Henrique became eTool LCD Services Team Leader and he was responsible for managing projects, writing technical reports and supporting the software development team.

Now that he’s back to home country Brazil, he’s currently driving business development for eTool Global and he’s responsible for eTool expansion in the Americas. Henrique is an eToolLCD Specialist and has vast life cycle design experience after completing over 40 whole project LCA studies, including multi-residential FLO and infrastructure Northlink WA. He is a collaborator at the Carbon Leadership Forum to help decarbonise the construction industry, and also a member of the Net Zero Energy technical committee at GBC Brasil.


Fei Ngeow

LCD Coach

Fei Ngeow is a product design graduate from Curtin University. After five years in the industry which includes a two year stint as a product design lecturer in Shanghai, she decided to change her career focus to sustainability with a specific interest in the built environment. Since then, Fei gained industry experience in thermal performance assessments (NatHERS) and completed a masters in Sustainability & Climate Policy at CUSP in Perth, Australia.

Fei is also passionate about alternative building methods and spent a couple of months in Queensland at an earthship building workshop which made her question what really makes a building sustainable. The answer came to her later in 2013, when she started working with eTool and learned about life cycle assessments. During her time at eTool, she completed over 50 LCAs and has since been driven to teach others about how to measure sustainability using LCA and why it’s so important.

At the end of 2018, Fei rejoined eTool as the LCD Coach after spending some time off to build a tiny house on wheels from the trailer up, which she and her partner now live in.


Maryia Perthen

Director and Business Development Manager, Australasia and Germany.

Maryia is an engineer and business manager with over ten years experience in climate change, renewable energy, lithium-ion battery and electric vehicles sector in Europe. After moving to Australia in 2018, she dedicated her work to making the construction industry more sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

Maryia has been passionate about nature since her early days.  But what set her on the sustainability path was one day she spent at the Social and Ethical banking school in 2004 in Germany.  It was inspiring to learn from some financial institutions working on renewable energy and development projects targeting the routs of socio-economic inequality.  She then decided to learn what green power is from within and studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart.  Since 2012 she dedicated her career to protecting the Environment and working on sustainability projects.

Currently she manages eTool business development in the Australasian and German speaking regions.

In her spare time, she enjoys being in nature and practicing yoga and mindfulness.


Jon Gieselbach

Life Cycle Designer

Jonathan has been a Life Cycle Assessor since 2017, and holds a bachelors degree in Sustainable Development specialising in Urban & Regional Sustainability. He has completed over 50 LCA and LCC reports for residential, commercial and industrial projects in Australia and the UK, with Global Warming Potential savings amounting to 86,000 tC02e.


Rob Campbell

LCD Coach and Life Cycle Designer

Rob is a materials engineer with a post-graduate degree in sustainability and climate policy from Curtin University. He has 8 years’ experience in manufacturing and has spent 2 ½ years working on a business that promotes sustainable building materials and products.

Having grown up in a solar passive home designed and built by his parents on a 60-acre bush block in NSW, Rob has always had an appreciation of how our built form can work with the natural environment to enhance our lives. It was this background that inspired Rob to design and build his own solar passive home in 2018 and use eToolLCD to make sure it was genuinely low carbon.

In his spare time, Rob loves playing cricket or footy with his kids and using his experience from a previous career incarnation as a cook to entertain for family and friends.


Ben Fortune

eToolLCD Software Developer
Ben is a software developer who’s worked with eTool since 2018. He graduated with first class honours and a double-degree in Computer Science and Computer Systems Engineering from Curtin University, where he also worked as a tutor for the computing department.

An extended technical internship at Cisco’s “Innovation Central Perth” required Ben to work individually, and as part of an international team, to manage and design prototypes and solutions to industry problems. There, he taught himself full-stack web development, how to leverage cloud computing platforms, and even personally spearheaded a project which utilized machine learning to help identify invasive marine species entering Australian waters.

At eTool, Ben’s been working to extend and maintain the existing eToolLCD software, his first foray into large-scale, enterprise application development. Ben was born in the Adirondack mountains of upstate New York, the largest protected forest region in the continental US. And when he manages to pry himself away from a computer, Ben enjoys hiking, skiing and swimming.