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The Insulation Sweet Spot

We hear a lot about the R Value of insulation, but what does it really mean in terms of reductions in heating and cooling energy requirements, and better still, reductions in energy bills? We get down and dirty in the science of R Values in this article to reveal what value you can expect from increases in insulation. Continue reading

What’s Carbon Got to Do With Me?

What’s the big deal with carbon? CO2? Greenhouse gas emisisons? Is it really our fault? Or are we just beating things up again? Any sane person who’s actively promoting a low carbon future must have asked themselves these questions at some stage or another, I certainly did and thought I’d summarise some of the key things that really convinced me that we are indeed warming the planet, at a rapid rate, and need to think carefully about that… Continue reading

eTool V2 is here!

Woohoo! Today we begin the release of eTool V2.
Since releasing eTool we’ve had some really positive feedback from users and customers alike. In March we began further improving eTool LCA to cement its position as the most user friendly, accessible and affordable building LCA software in the world. Read on for the full V2 story… Continue reading