Carbon Management in Real Estate

As a science-based methodology for quantifying lifetime environmental impacts, Life Cycle Design is the most effective way to measure and reduce the life-cycle carbon emissions of all building types, new and existing. 

By utilising eTool’s expertise and the power of eToolLCD software, project teams can easily quantify the embodied and operational carbon emissions of any construction project or existing real estate portfolio.

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Additional Carbon Management Support

Learn how Life Cycle Design methodology applied to Portfolio Carbon Management will enable Real Estate Investment Managers to measure, improve and demonstrate emissions reduction on the path to net zero:

COMPLETE GUIDE to Real Estate Carbon Management

GRESB & eTool Webinar recording – Embodied Carbon in Real Estate

About eTool

eTool serves the organisations who are aiming to lead the industry in delivering low carbon buildings and infrastructure. We are recognised for our integrity, teamwork, and passion for the environment.

We provide RapidLCA and eToolLCD software for optimising whole of life carbon and cost of new and existing construction projects. Both products are aligned with best practice international standards for Life Cycle Assessment.

eToolLCD life cycle design software is targeted at large construction projects and asset portfolios. It is a technically superior, secure, collaborative, holistic, high value carbon management platform. Proven by our world leading customer and project list.

RapidLCA is an app specifically targeted at homes. It is praised for being easy to use, low cost and extremely flexible for all design approaches, climates and regions. RapidLCA is driving affordable low carbon outcomes and educating all stakeholders.