eTool is on the ABC’s “The New Inventors”!!

After eighteen months of development Alex and Rich will appear in front of a studio audience and panel of experts to show the country “eTool LCA”.

eTool LCA is to be featured on the widely acclaimed ABC “The New Inventors” show as an innovative and progressive Life Cycle Assessment program.

eTool LCA was hand picked from a large number of quality inventions for its ability to provide an accessible, easy to use solution for designers to include Life Cycle Assessment philosophy in their projects. Its ability to reduce Australia’s – and the rest of the worlds carbon footprint – was recognised as vital for the progress of the built form towards a “Low Carbon Future”.

Make sure you tune into ABC1 8pm on Wednesday 25th of May to catch the guys in front of the cameras!

We will also be holding Launch Party to coincide with the show. Download an invitation here…

eTool Version 1 Release

In a world first, eTool will offer a FREE platform for comprehensive environmental life cycle assessment of buildings.

Catering for residential, commercial, infrastructure and development projects, eTool primarily aims to reduce carbon emmissions but will also offer LCA of costs and other environmental impacts. eTool would like to thank Phobos for their help building the eTool LCA software.
The web platform will allow proliferation of LCA concepts throughout the building industry (and hopefully further) which will do a world of good for Australia’s Green House Gas emissions.

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