Add & Edit Designs

In this video, we navigate through a couple of previous projects and start creating a new building design. We will compare current industry benchmarks  and construction types and talk about low carbon design principles.

Add & Edit Buildings/Structures

In this video, we take you through adding your building to the software including establishing design life and editing some of the structural information.

Add & Edit Projects

The video takes you through adding your project to the software, covering design specifics such as transport locations, building type, builder information and understanding how this information affects the outcome.

Software Introduction

The Problem



One of our favourite graphics explained!


Information gathering


The first step in any LCA is retrieving the information that you would like to model. You can download our information request example here 00 PDR V7.7 IMPACT Information requirements


Cut-off Rules


Knowing when to say when is a crucial part of effective LCA modelling


Initial Model Set-up


Setting up the basic project, structure and model hierarchy.


Advanced Usage of Templates


The most effective method for building up your LCA model is using templates.


How to record Recommendations in eToolLCD.


Where the fun really begins!


How to use the bulk swap function in eToolLCD.


Handy function for running materials swap recommendations


How to use expressions in eToolLCD



How to make improvements to your eToolLCD design.



How to generate Reports in eToolLCD