CEEQUAL – UK & Ireland Projects

Projects aiming for CEEQUAL rating can use Life Cycle Assessment to target various credits. LCA will not only improve your design, it will also provide an efficient, stress-free and cost-effective solution to maximizing your CEEQUAL rating.

eTool proven expertise in LCA is helping promote the use of LCA in infrastructure projects.


    – Management 1.5 Whole Life Costing

    – Resources 7.2 Reducing Whole Life Carbon Emissions

    – Resources 7.3 Environmental impact of construction product

    – Resources 7.7 Energy Use

    – Resources 7.8 Water Use

Additional credits can be supported by LCA methodology including:

– 1.2 Environmental Management
– 1.3 Responsible Construction Management
– 7.1 Strategy for resource efficiency
– 7.4 Circular use of construction products

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Some clients who have successfully utilised LCA in infrastructure projects:

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