Employ Life Cycle Design in your Project

The earlier you engage with Life Cycle Design the better.  This ensures that key design opportunities are not lost early in the design process.  At design brief stage our “Targeting Study” service provides very early project feedback without the need for plans.  When projects mature to concept design phase, our comprehensive “Life Cycle Design” services can be employed.  An eTool consultant will model your project accurately to quantify, compare, improve and certify the environmental performance. We use eToolLCD as a design tool to guarantee high performance at a lowest cost.

Example Reports

What’s Included

Once a plans are drafted and basic specifications understood, the project is ready for comprehensive Life Cycle Design Services.  The process is quite simple but yields incredible, low impact designs:

Life Cycle Assessment is used to quantify the entire environmental impacts of your project, over it’s whole lifespan.  This ensures that any decisions you subsequently make don’t simply shift environmental impacts to a different area or phase of building or structure.  LCA is the most comprehensive and robust method of environmental accounting for buildings and infrastructure.  It is governed by International Standards and requires a third party review of the study to ensure these standards are met.

Your building’s performance is compared to relevant benchmarks.  Each activity, geometric element and life cycle phase can be compared to highlight environmental hot spots to be targeted for improvement.

We utilise the real power of Life Cycle Assessment by identifying, targeting, and reducing environmental hot spots through improvement strategies.  Each design recommendation is modelled to ensure net life cycle benefits for the building.  The strategies may target any area or life cycle phase of the building to improve its performance.  We will identify and model at least 20 improvement strategies with the aiming for a zero carbon (or very low carbon) outcome for your project.   If required, the indicative costs (initial, ongoing and end of life) of strategies can also be quantified to ensure that capital is best deployed to reduce environmental impacts.  A comprehensive LCA report is provided giving the design team the key information.

An internal or external third party review is conducted to ensure the results of the LCA study are robust and the final design performance is accurate.  eTool also provide a host of useful reports that can be used to help market the building.  A suite of example reports is available on request.