Metas de redução de impacto ambiental

As emissões globais de CO2 na construção civil são responsáveis por 38% ou seja 9,95 Giga toneladas correspondentes a energia relacionada  à indústria da construção civil.  ² Em 2019 as … Continue reading

The Complete Guide To Carbon Management in Real Estate

With the built environment responsible for 40% of global carbon emissions, decarbonising real estate assets must be a key priority for investors and corporate occupiers Continue reading

Top 10 LCA modelling tips for eToolLCD users for the New ‘Green Star Buildings’ rating

Green Star Building’s new carbon emissions scheme. Continue reading

eToolLCD Certification Service (Third Party Review)

ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards for LCA call for all studies to be verified by a third party. eTool offer a formal certification process provided with any paid for eToolLCD Subscription and associated project access fee. Continue reading

Warehouse benchmark – LEED certified projects

eTool has developed a warehouse benchmark study in collaboration with CTE, a Brazilian Engineering and Consultancy firm, following the growing demand for Life Cycle Design services in LEED certified projects in Brazil. Continue reading

The new London Plan – How to meet its requirements

After its initial publication way back in 2017, and after many modifications, the new London Plan came into effect on 2nd March 2021.  One of the key directives is the use of Whole Life Carbon Assessments in an endeavour to meet net zero carbon commitments. In this article we look at what the new London Plan means for “Major Referable Projects” and how eToolLCD can be utilised in accordance with the new London Plan. Continue reading

What is it like building a carbon negative home?

It all started with developers from Western Australia who had a vision to create the most sustainable residential community possible. It took more than 10 years to acquire the land, … Continue reading

RapidLCA App for Housing

eTool has recently delivered a new app for rapid life cycle assessment of houses. RapidLCA streamlines the sustainability assessment of lower density residential buildings. It is aligned with ISO standards for … Continue reading