An eTool LCA in under 5 minutes


Some people think that LCA is only for IT techs and engineers, but we beg to differ.

We’ve made our software free, easy to use and online so it’s completely accessible to everyone!

We wanted to show you just how quick it is to create an assessment for your building design, so we set Rich the task of putting together an LCA on a granny flat in under 5 minutes.

Check out our video to see if he managed it…

Using our handy templates, Rich was able to assess a simple home design and calculate both the total carbon and energy across the entire design life of the building in the following areas: materials, assembly, transport, recurring and operational.

This LCA was based on an average granny flat design with the following building specifications –

Floor Area: 60m2
Roof Area: 77m2
External Wall Area: 66m2
Internal Wall Area: 17m2
Glazed Area: 11m2
Internal Wall Paint Area: 100m2
Tiled Floor Area: 15m2
Tiled Wall Area: 5m2
Living Floor Area: 45m2

Sign up to eTool LCA today and give it a go!
Whether you already have a design to try or just want to look at the environmental impact of different materials and methods, you can find all the information in our software here.

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