Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) vs Life Cycle Design (LCD)

While people are still coming to terms with what Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is, and why it is such a powerful tool to improve the way we build, here at eTool we’ve already moved to referring to Life Cycle Design or LCD.

Yes, it kind of does sound like some new audio visual technology or maybe even a hallucinogenic, but we think it’s super important put the word “Design” into the picture early on.

Heres why: eTool was always founded on the core concept of improving the way we design and build and definitely did not want to create another rating system. Our software eToolLCD is first and foremost a design tool, and it’s in the early design concept phase where you’ll get the best value for the planet and the economy.

Unfortunately, the building industry too often see ESD (again, not another hallucinogenic) or green rating systems as something you tack onto the end of a design process, and LCA definitely ran the same risk. While it’s just a word, “Assessment” at the end of “Life Cycle” just helped project stakeholders think that it should be pushed to the end of the design rather than right up front.

It’s almost guaranteed that outcome will be improved by having basic discussions around functionality before the client put pen to paper developing a design brief. Please ensure you get in contact with us as early as possible to discuss your next project or concept.


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