eToolLCD Is Now IMPACT Certified

We have some great news…eToolLCD is now IMPACT certified!

Developed by BRE, a world leading building science centre based in the UK, IMPACT is a specification and database for software developers to incorporate into their tools to enable consistent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC). eToolLCD is a powerful web-based life cycle assessment (LCA) application for the built form that enables assessment of the entire environmental and cost impacts at any stage of a project in one model, providing a genuine “integrated design” approach.

Users will be able to enjoy eToolLCD’s unrivaled LCA functionality for the design of buildings and infrastructure, while accessing BRE’s highly regarded LCA method and data. This means that 2 unweighted (10%) Innovation credits as well as 3 Life Cycle Cost management credits can be awarded for undertaking an LCA and LCC for BREEAM 2011 and 2014 schemes. The credits are awarded in addition to the standard Green Guide method and are very cost competitive with the other credit sections.

Any job interested in these credits can choose to subscribe to our open-use eToolLCD software and run the project themselves or bring eTool in as LCA consultants. By undertaking LCA through eTool, we will ensure your project gains the BREEAM credits seamlessly as well as some great LCA feedback for the design team. This move has made eToolLCD one of few life cycle assessment applications in the world compliant with the IMPACT LCA method.

Upcoming Events

Intro to LCD of Buildings, eToolLCD & BREEAM International/LEED (UK time)
eTool LCD Engineer Pat Hermon will be hosting this free one-hour webinar that will cover the basics of LCA, the eToolLCD software, and how it applies within BREEAM. Find out more.

eToolLCD Advanced Training, UK 
This course, which takes place over two half days, is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology as well as a basic understanding of how to conduct a whole building life cycle assessment using the eToolLCD software. You will be guided through your own practice project through to “certification” level to ensure a full understanding of the concepts and software. New date to be confirmed.

Take a look at what else is coming up on our events page.

To find out more please contact Pat Hermon on +4401138159780 or

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