eTool’s End of the Year 2021 Message

      Some of the achievement eTool celebrates in 2021:

  • It is encouraging to see the construction industry response this year towards the net zero carbon goal. More and more people from all over the world realize now how crucial it is to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Our customized LCA tool for the construction industry gets more robust and dynamic each year which makes it easier to use and improves consistency aligned with international standards and technical requirements. The tool is constantly reviewed by specialized security teams as we expand our global presence with government agencies and large enterprise organizations.
  • We are recognized for our integrity, teamwork and passion for the environment. Throughout the year we have supported technical working groups in different infrastructure and buildings rating systems as well as government regulations. We also held various webinars and produced articles to share our knowledge with our clients, partners and industry professionals.
  • eTool has partnered with a global company to accelerate the adoption of life cycle design in construction and refurbishment projects aiming to improve the quality of life in balance with the planet.

Some other achievements s eTool celebrates this year:
eTool Community: 

  • We gained over 1300 new users
  • We modelled 1,720 New Projects
  • We tested 3,589 Design Scenarios
  • Our LCD Coaching team certified 317 Designs.

Services Team: 

  • We serviced 66 New Projects across a huge range of infrastructure project types and building typologies
  • We tested 1,425 Design Strategies with hundreds of thousands of tonnes of CO2 savings potential presented to clients
  • We are experiencing large increase in interest for our Life Cycle Design services with a focus on reducing carbon.

Software development highlights include: 

  • RapidLCA pilots run successfully with Witchcliffe Eco Village, City of Vincent and Canberra Low Carbon Housing Challenge
  • We implemented the new “Scenarios” modelling functionality
  • We improved EPD functionality including Excel copy paste and importing data from Excel
  • We introduced Specialist Hotseat and External Specialist seats for organisations managing large portfolios of assets.
  • We are on the right track towards much more achievements in 2022 and are confident to serve the planet in a more effective and productive way.

We celebrate each year as we maintain a very high customer retention rate at the same time we expand into new markets and different regions. Thank all our clients for the support and contribution to transition the industry into a low carbon future.

Yours sincerely,

eTool team.

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