Design Civil Structures with eTool LCA

When we created eTool LCA, our aim was to reduce the global carbon footprint through the built form.
Initially we thought about buildings; residential, commercial and community based structures that would benefit from using a design life tool from conception to build to use. But this only gives us half the picture.

With eTool LCA we can look at all type of built forms including civil structures such as roads, bridges and dams. These types of vital infrastructure use energy through materials, transport, assembly and recurring maintenance just the same as traditional buildings, so it’s important that we account for them as well.

Watch our short video showing you how to build a road…

Using eTool LCA’s custom template feature, you can easily input the exact specifications of any structure, in the case of a road, we included the width, length and a combination of materials.
Once you’ve created an example template, you can add as many as you like and compare the environmental and cost implications across a number of variables to help with the decision process.

This LCA was based on an average 1km asphalt road with the following building specifications –

Floor Area: 1000m2
Floor Width: 500mm

Sign up to eTool LCA today and give it a go or contact us to order an assessment.

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