New eToolLCD Pricing

eToolLCD subscription prices have been recently updated. Please read on for more info.

Why have we updated pricing?
For a few reasons. We have noticed a strong trend where our subscribers are each (on average) conducting more LCAs per year. We wanted to ensure our pricing remained competitive and predictable so have added some plans that reduce the per project fees. For example, the new specialist subscription has no per-project fees and the new enterprise pricing gives a 40% discount on per-project fees. In addition we wanted to simplify our offering and hence dropped our “Freelancer” plan.

How can users benefit upgrading to new plans?
As well as reduced per-project fees the new Enterprise subscription and the updated Specialist subscription include new functionality with improved collaboration, reporting, user admin/management and the soon to be released Revit Plugin. Consultant subscribers will also enjoy additional Life Cycle Cost functionality, and automated BREEAM 2018 reporting that’s coming out soon. All round eToolLCD is getting better for users, and watch this space, more to come!

Why the US Dollar pricing?
The use of eToolLCD is expanding globally and some of our users provided feedback that the Aussie $ pricing was a unusual. So we’ve now set our pricing in a currency that everybody recognises.

How will this affect existing subscribers?
eTool is “grandfathering” existing eToolLCD subscriptions so you won’t lose any functionality or have to pay any more or less until June 30th 2019 when we’ll ask existing subscribers to migrate to one of the new plans. Please note, if your subscription lapses you’ll need to transition to a new plan.

Who is the new Enterprise Plan for?
Organisations that have a number of consultants using eToolLCD, or developers and builders who want to track the performance of their portfolio is projects. We have a range of features for this plan that will make Life Cycle Design very easy, scaleable and transparent for these businesses. Please get in touch if you’d like more info.

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