GBCA Feedback

eTool drives on innovation and forward thinking to bring solutions and help us mitigate environmental impacts. We have been working closely with GBCA since 2013 when LCA was included as an Innovation Challenge. Since completing its first LCA later that year, eTool … Continue reading

Validated Templates in eToolLCD

What is a Validated Template? The eToolLCD software allows you to conduct a life cycle assessment of a whole building quickly and accurately. To quantify the environmental impacts of a whole building over its whole life is not a trivial … Continue reading

5 Ways to add value to your services using Life Cycle Design

Life Cycle Design (LCD) has quickly become the go-to method for defining sustainability in buildings in governments, green building councils and organisations around the world. It is considered best practice for good building design by the International Standard Organization (ISO … Continue reading

LCA for Infrastructure projects

After completing the LCAs for Brookfield Multiplex on the New Perth Stadium, for LendLease on the Waterbank – Infrastructure and Public Domain Area (IPD), and currently working on the NorthLink WA Southern Section with John Holland, eTool is excited to … Continue reading

eToolLCD workflow

If you’re wondering how to complete your LCA models using eToolLCD you have landed on the right place. This is a basic step by step process to start a model from scratch all the way through to certification. There will … Continue reading

Marketing & Selling Sustainability

Maximise the value of investing in sustainability by ensuring your marketing and sales is up to speed. Marketers seeking to sell sustainability face the great values-action gap – the difference between what consumers say they want and what they go … Continue reading

Closed Loop Recycling and EN15978 – how does it work?

I’ve heard its complicated why is that? We need to reward recycling but also have to be careful not to double count the benefits (at the start and end of life for example).  The approach under EN15978 is as follows: to reward … Continue reading

France Sets Target to Legislate LCA for Residential Buildings by 2018

As we continue our transition towards more sustainable buildings and the imperative for carbon reduction continues to increase, the adoption of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has seen significant growth in the last decade in countries across the world. This adoption … Continue reading

eTool To Conduct an LCA for John Holland for the North Link WA Project

eTool have been engaged by John Holland to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the NorthLink WA Southern Section project to help quantify and improve the environmental performance. The LCA is being used by John Holland to assist design, … Continue reading

Featured User – James Leiper

We now have over 1,800 registered eToolLCD users across 61 different countries and we’d like to take a moment each month to celebrate some of our amazing users who are working towards a more sustainable future. Our featured user of August 2016 is James Leiper … Continue reading