Bayswater Station – Integrated Life Cycle Design

“eTool’s Life Cycle Assessment helped us understand how future impacts from energy, water, materials, recycling and waste will influence Greenhouse Gas emissions and whole of life costs of our project. It enabled us to identify and compare different options to … Continue reading

London Plan Policy – Targeting a reduction in building life cycle carbon emissions.

In response to the latest Draft London Plan Policy, eTool takes a closer look at the importance of Whole Life-Cycle Carbon Assessments (WLC) and the latest guidance. Continue reading

LCA in Sustainable Infrastructure

This article provides an insight into the latest sustainability policies and regulations that have integrated the Life Cycle Design approach. Continue reading

BIM & LCA – aiding a more collaborative approach to sustainable design.

Efficiency of a project and the ability to identify major impacts on sustainable buildings is critical during the early design stages. BIM and LCA integration will facilitate this approach. Continue reading

Metas de redução de impacto ambiental

As emissões globais de CO2 na construção civil são responsáveis por 38% ou seja 9,95 Giga toneladas correspondentes a energia relacionada  à indústria da construção civil.  ² Em 2019 as emissões atingiram o nível mais alto já visto, de acordo … Continue reading

NCC 2022 and NatHERS Star Ratings – eTool Position Statement

NCC 2022 are proposing some dramatic improvements in residential energy use. This is, in principal a fantastic development and one that eTool very much supports. We do however feel that mandating 7 star NatHERS performance carries some risk and isn’t the most … Continue reading

Greenbuild 2019 all eyes on embodied impacts

Greenbuild 2019 was inspiring because of the increased momentum for Whole Building LCA and embodied carbon reduction. Continue reading

eTool UK Team Updates

As eTool expands its presence globally, our staff also continue to develop and expand their professional skills and seek new challenges.  Pat will be leaving eTool this month and we welcome David, Leonardo and two further staff members to the UK office. Continue reading

LCA and UKGBC Net-Zero Framework

The UKGBC definition is an interim step on the pathway to assessing full life cycle impacts. It introduces embodied carbon in materials (A1-A3), their impacts for transport (A4) and constriction (A5) alongside operational energy. Continue reading

New UK Business Development Manager Opportunity

Our vision is a fun and fulfilling future in balance with the planet. We’re on the lookout for people with a passion for the environment and who want to make a difference. This sales role requires initiative, autonomy, persistence and determination. A desire to make a big contribution to the low carbon future is important. Continue reading