New Software Developer Opportunity

Our vision is a fun and fulfilling future in balance with the planet. Our business is committed to decarbonising the built form. eToolLCD is our SaaS product which is growing at 300% PA. It optimises the environmental performance of buildings & infrastructure. You will be developing eToolLCD. We are employing a software developer. Continue reading

eToolLCD Timeline

eTool has risen from humble beginnings to become a global force in low carbon design.  This wouldn’t have been possible if we hadn’t taken the quality of our software seriously.  The timeline below captures just some of the eToolLCD achievements and … Continue reading

eToolLCD Certification Service

Background Ever since the early days of eTool we highlighted one of the risks to widespread LCA adoption is the varying levels of quality in building LCA models and subsequent loss in confidence of the results and conclusions drawn.  To … Continue reading

Eiffage Kier and eToolLCD PAS2080 Audit

As part of their ongoing quality management process, HS2 joint venture Effiage Kier (EK) contracted Lloyd’s  Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) to undertake a PAS2080 audit on their GHG reporting, processes, systems and tools.  For the past year EK have been … Continue reading

Green Star D&AB version 1.2 Opportunities for Improvement

The Building Life Cycle Impact Reduction credit in version 1.2 has significant gaps outlined below, detailing why the B6 points cap and focus on other modules doesn’t work. eTool disagree with the method selected for the version 1.2 of the … Continue reading

Super Credit (Materials+Energy+Water) for Green rating schemes

eTool believes the “Super Credit” based on the life-cycle methodology should be adopted in the short term as an innovation credit (alternative pathway for material, water and energy) in rating schemes like Green Star and ISCA. In Green Star, LCA could … Continue reading

eTool Response to the Green Star Future Focus consultation paper 2019

Suggested changes to the credit have been presented in the Future Focus consultation paper for the Green Star for New Buildings. The industry has been asked to submit comments to the proposed changes, that include the new set of categories and credits, encourages the elimination of carbon emissions from the built environment, sets high and ambitious requirements for the 5 and 6 Star projects. Continue reading

Materials Efficiency Metrics

Thanks to our work with HS2 we have recently added a number of new indicators to help measure materials efficiency. Mass of non-renewable primary material (t eq) – virgin materials not including timber Mass of non-renewable secondary materials (t eq) … Continue reading

Are we running out of building materials?

  The above infographic from the BBC implies that we will run out of copper in 32 years.  This is calculated by taking the current reserves (about 700Mt) and dividing by the current annual demand for primary copper production, the … Continue reading

Links between LCA and the Circular Economy

How Circular Economy and its underlying principles (recycling, refurbishment, repurposing and longevity) can be quantified and understood through Life Cycle Assessment thinking. Continue reading