Australian Institute of Architects CPD presentation – Perth

Genuine Sustainable Design with Life Cycle Assessment

“An introduction to LCA”

If we don’t account for the embodied carbon in the built form we are only looking at half of the equation. With all of the best intentions, focussing only on operational energy can result in a design that fails the environmental objectives you may have set out to achieve.

“Life Cycle Assessment” or LCA takes into account both the operational and embodied carbon to generate a genuine set of environmental credentials for you project.

  • What is LCA and how does it apply to the built form?
  • How important is it to incorporate LCA design principles to achieve environmental best practice?
  • How do you incorporate LCA principles into your designs?

This presentation will answer all of these questions allowing integration of LCA philosophies in your designs enabling you to meet your own or your client’s environmental objectives.


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