Tree Planting May 2016

eTool’s Tree Planting: Round Three

Here at eTool we are extremely passionate about reducing Greenhouse gas pollution. Since 2014 it has become a tradition that the team get together at the Bruce family farm to get our hands dirty and have a fun day tree planting. After months of anticipation, when May 7th finally arrived, the whole eTool team was excited for round three of planting trees.

Five months earlier, Co-Founder of eTool, Alex Bruce had handed out seeds and pots for the team to plant and start growing their own trees. Although some didn’t make it, overall the seeds were nurtured and looked after well, allowing them to rapidly grow to get ready for the big tree planting event.


photo 1


photo 3

The day was brilliantly run by Jenni and Lance the most fantastic tree planters and Mother Nature Day champions around. We had the best turn out yet, with over 40 people coming together to plant 300 trees and shrubs. Most people had grown their own trees from seed so quite a special moment to finally get them into the ground five months after planting the seeds in pots. The most important and rewarding element was watching all the kids getting their hands dirty and immersed in nature. Another truly special day enjoying nature and great company.

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