One Planet Living Australia + The Green Economy Perth Event

BioRegional have been taking their award winning One Planet Living Principles on the road with projects popping up around the world in the US, UK and across Europe at breakneck speed. Now it’s Australia’s turn as Pooran Desai, BioRegional’s Co-Founder and International Director tours the major cities this June to share success stories and explain how the framework can be applied to new developments throughout Australia.

Pooran touched down on Monday and will be heading to Perth next week for a series of breakfast, afternoon and dinner events across the city. Alex has been invited to speak at the Evening Lecture on One Planet Living Australia and The Green Economy next Wednesday 5th June alongside West Australia’s key speakers on the subject of sustainability and the built environment.

Speakers include:

Pooran Desai is the International Director and Co-Founder of BioRegional, the social enterprise and sustainability charity behind the creation of Britain’s best-known sustainable community, Beddington Zero Emission Development (BedZED). He will share first hand knowledge around the design, construction and monitoring of BedZED, which led to the development of the concept of One Planet Living. In addition he will talk about his vision for a sustainable future based on the concept of Green Economy and the opportunities this presents.

Peter Newman is the Professor of Sustainability at Curtin University and Director of CUSP which has 60 PhD students working on all aspects of the green economy. Peter is on the Board of Infrastructure Australia that is funding infrastructure for the long term sustainability of Australian cities, and is a Lead Author for Transport on the IPCC. He is a Visiting Professor in the School of Architecture at the National University of Singapore. Peter also is on the Board of Infrastructure Australia that is funding infrastructure for the long term sustainability of Australian cities.

Alex Bruce (Co-Founder, eTool)  is a mechanical and sustainable energy engineer with over six years experience in the renewable energy and energy management sector. Alex has specifically focused on the built environment from residential to commercial applications. Since eTool was founded, Alex has worked with architects, developers and international engineers, educating, training and providing sustainable solutions to challenging technical engineering problems.

Mark Pitman (Principal, Cundall) is an experienced industry consultant as well as academic researcher. Mark’s presentation will give an overview of current trends in the ESD, sustainability and “green buildings”. It will cover rating tools and methodologies for benchmarking the environmental impact of a project in construction as well as operation and a comparison of these across the Australian market as well as developments internationally

To ensure your place for this *FREE* evening event at CUSP, visit BioRegional’s registration page here.

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