Partnering with Green CE in America

As we continue pushing the boundaries of sustainable design, we continue asking the tough questions and pursue the complicated answers.


  • “It’s all very well to add more concrete to the slab to get the thermal mass of the building up, but is the embodied carbon in that extra concrete creating more of a problem than the saving my air conditioning is worth?” 


  • “I could build using this amazing light weight recycled material, but if it only lasts half the time and I have to keep replacing it should I just stick with a traditional more durable product?” 

or even

  • “I can build this big 10 star eco house but there’s only going to be two people living in it, so would I be better off building normal regulation compliant townhouses?”

The answers to these questions lie in Life Cycle Design.

The building industry is rapidly turning to LCD to answer these pointy, yet incredibly important questions. Questions that our clients, our conscience and our own curiosity are asking as we strive to achieve something quantifiable better in design.

Life Cycle Design has formed the basis of British and European standards for calculating environmental impacts of buildings with most of the large Green Building Councils and other progressive design guides around the world integrating LCD into their existing rating schemes. Over the last year alone we’ve been involved with international frameworks One Planet Living and The Living Building Challenge as well as the Green Building Council of Australia’s GreenStar program a little closer to home.

eTool LCA® was created almost four years ago by Rich and Alex to make LCD accessible to anyone and everyone looking to answer these tricky questions and get a quantifiable improvement in their designs. Since then eTool LCA® has been utilised on projects ranging from small shop fit outs through to large commercial and infrastructure projects. With over 900 registered users globally, eTool is now starting to realise the dream of seeing everyone use LCD as a standard design philosophy for genuinely sustainable buildings.

To help get the word out, we are running a webinar for GreenCE in the US on Wednesday 9th October which will summarise Life Cycle Design and offers the following learning outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

1. Describe how LCA applies to the built form.

2. Explain the limitations and boundaries of LCA in analyzing the built environment.

3. Define how LCA can be integrated during design alongside standard ESD.

4. List low carbon design principles.

5. Consider what the future holds for LCA

It’s a great opportunity  for AIA and LEED professionals to understand more about the practical applications of LCS in their industry and pick up some professional development points along the way!

Click on the Eventbrite link below to RSVP online today.


If you’re in Australia, or another time zone, but not too keen on getting up at 3am to join in, then please get in touch as we run regular webinars and online events and are always keen to share our knowledge.

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