Wrap-up: The Great Debate

On 3 April, eTool and Cundall with support from Property Council of Australia, hosted The Great Debate: “What will transition us to sustainable buildings the fastest: Market, Legislation, or Incentives?” Alex Bruce (eTool) debated “Market”, Oliver Grimaldi (Cundall) debated “Legislation” and Lino Iacomella (PCA) debated “Incentives”.

The debate was a huge success and there was some great discussion with the audience on what the best solution is. To gauge the preferred solution and the impact of the debate, we took two polls, one before the debate and one at the end.

First Poll

Market           37%
Legislation     34%
Incentives      29%

Last Poll

Market           27%
Legislation     32%
Incentives      41%

Lino Iacomella who debated “Incentives”, was the winner of the debate, swinging the most votes by the end. The conversation was interesting and the night ended on a positive note, reiterating that there isn’t always one clear-cut solution, in most cases we need combination of all three.


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