Synergy’s Carbon Tax Charges

How to “opt-out” from Synergy’s unethical carbon charges

From the 1st July 2012, WA electricity retailer Synergy has decided to pass on the additional charges due to the Federal Government’s Clean Energy Legislation to ALL of their customers, including those who offset theirelectricity carbon emissions through EarthFriendly (also known as GreenPower).

While it is technically legal for them to do this, this doesn’t change the fact that it is unethical, and that there isno moral justification for why Synergy EarthFriendly customers should have to pay twice.

Here’s how you can“opt-out” from Synergy’s unethical carbon charges:1. Don’t cancel your EarthFriendly subscription. Generically known as GreenPower,this is still one of the best ways you can support the uptake of renewable energy inAustralia.

2. Calculate the cost of the carbon tax for your electricity. Don’t worry! Synergy hasalready worked it out for us:



3. When you receive your next electricity bill, look at how many units of electricitywere used for the billing period. This number usually appears on the second pageof your bill, under the heading HOME PLAN (A1) TARIFF.

4. Multiply this number by the carbon tax per unit number above. For example, if you used 1200 units of electricity in the billing period:

1200 X 0.02255 = $27.06

5. Subtract this number from the TOTAL DUE figure shown on the first page of yourbill. This new figure is the amount you should pay.

6. Because you are 100% subscribed to EarthFriendly, you have alreadyaccounted for your electricity carbon emissions.1

7. Let Synergy know why you have paid this amount. The more people that objectto their unethical behaviour, the sooner they will realise their mistake.

*Sourced from Synergy. We have converted it from cents into dollars.

1 If you are not 100% subscribed to EarthPremium, you will need to adjust the amount deducted at Step 4 accordingly.

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