eTool Brings Whole of Building LCA to Brazil

Adding to the mix of a great and festive culture, strong and growing economy, and abundance in natural resources, Brazil will now have access to eTool services and eTool LCD software to conduct whole of building Life Cycle Analysis. This exciting announcement is part of eTool’s global collaboration in building design and is an opportunity to provide Life Cycle Analysis services to a nation that is not only in continuous and fast development, but can also act as a showcase to the world for sustainable development.

“LCA is a fundamental concept in designing for sustainability and I’m excited to help eTool develop new projects in Brazil. When I came to live in Australia, one of my main goals was to take something back that would enhance the quality of life for people and also guarantee development in balance with nature, and that’s exactly what eTool is about”, said Henrique Mendonça. Henrique has worked for over 2 year as a Life Cycle Engineer at eTool and is now the Business Development Facilitator for Brazil.

Brazil is the 7th largest economy with over 200 million people. Rapid economic development has pushed millions of people from a low socioeconomic status ,up to middle class, which has increased the demand for basic infrastructure such as electricity and transportation as well as the services desired for this higher income population. Brazil’s infrastructure by necessity is going through some major overhauls such as ports, airports, roads, railways and energy systems. Worldwide demand for natural resources and food push Brazil’s national contribution to global warming in an upward trend due to fossil fuel emissions as well as deforestation and land degradation.

Strained resources and the rising demand for development provide opportunities for product manufacturers, designers, consultants, builders and developers to embrace the concept of LCA as part of intelligent building design. Certification standards on building environmental performance such as LEED, AQUA, PROCEL EDIFICA, and others, all include LCA as part of the design process, which is further indicative of the global trend towards LCA as a standard methodology for good building design. Research and development is also moving forward with academic partnerships in Brazil working on developing local life cycle inventories, and looking at the design and use of supporting tools.

“I believe education is a major goal for the LCA industry in Brazil at the moment. In order to support that, eTool is creating local case studies and producing relevant content, providing technical support to designers though webinars and creating local partnerships to spread the concept of life cycle design. There is a lot of expertise in LCA developed by eTool in Australia that will be applicable to Brazil, as international standards that eTool comply with (ISO 14040 and EN 15978) are guiding the future of LCA worldwide”, says Henrique, after meeting with industry professionals during his visit in Brazil early this year.

‘Think global and act local’ is a well-known statement in our society, and eTool is proud to be on the journey towards not just thinking globally, but acting globally. Stay tuned as we continue to bring you news from the tropical lands of Brazil and our other global collaborations.


Expo GBC 2014Henrique with his parents at the GBCB Green Building Conference in Brazil.

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