eTool Quality System ISO 9001 Certified

eTool has always taken quality seriously, from our earliest beginnings we actively sought feedback on our product and services and have embedded continuous improvement into our DNA.  Earlier this year we decided to formalise our Quality Management by employing Compass Assurance Services to certify our systems against ISO 9001:2015. eTool founder and Co-CEO reflects on the process:

“Solving problems is what eTool do. We apply that philosophy everyday, be it helping to solve a problem as big as climate change, or shaving microseconds off eToolLCD response times.  Being able to have our quality management system formally recognised is rewarding.  Compass Assurance Services were really thorough, they went pretty deep.  Although we had things pretty dialled there was certainly some really valuable learnings from the process, we’re an even better business for it.” 

Richard Haynes

The 9001 certification adds to the extensive efforts and achievements of eTool in technical assurance with third party input.  Read more about our assurance milestones here.

eTool’s certificate can be downloaded here and the certification is registered with JAS-ANZ.

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