Why 1% for the Planet?

I have to confess, the main reason I floated this idea with the eTool team was because I idolise Yvon Chouinard.   For those who have never heard of him he’s a climber/alpinist who started the Patagonia brand.  He’s now 76 years old so his life experiences make him a very worthy elder.  Check out the movie 180 Degrees South to get an taste. Climbers, surfers, business people and conservationists all revere him for his feats in only their own specialties, his aggregate achievements across all these disciplines is incredible. Yet, humble would have to be the most appropriate word I can muster to describe him, an incredible human.

But my lofty idea based on an infatuation with Yvon Chouinard wouldn’t have amounted to anything had the cause been anything less than noble. The 1% for the Planet cause is noble, and it’s pretty simple. A commitment to give 1% of your company’s sales to non-profits operating in the environmental space. Yes, that’s right, 1% of sales (not profit). It’s a pretty big call, and one that eTool could hardly afford to make given we’re a boot-strapped environmental software startup with very meagre financial resources. Nevertheless, we bit the bullet and joined up. Two years in I think we’re pretty happy we did. It’s a good thing to be a part of, and eTool really hope that those reading this get involved. If you need a bit more motivation, check out this intro to 1% for the Planet (featuring Yvon himself, member #1)…

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