Our “Love LCD” campaign is now in full swing and we’re excited to release our videos over the coming weeks. We started this campaign because we are passionate about reducing carbon in buildings and to us, life cycle design is the best way to do that. We want to spread our love of LCD and hope others will be inspired to learn more and use Life Cycle Design too!

Why Love LCD?

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Life Cycle Assessment and Design takes the guesswork out of sustainability.

A great thing about Life Cycle Assessment and Design is that it allows you to quantify all aspects of a design and to see the numbers behind assumptions. As Pat Hermon mentioned in his video, performing a life cycle assessment can reveal sometimes surprising aspects of a design that you may not have discovered otherwise.

Take wool carpets for example – many clients are surprised to learn just how high the impacts of wool carpets are compared to other flooring options such as a concrete floor. In this case, the sheep gas (i.e. methane from farts) and the frequency that the carpets have to be replaced over the life of the building adds significantly to the overall impact of the wool carpet.

And this is just one of the many reasons why LCA is so great! Watch Portia Odell (eTool Communications Manager) tell us why she loves Life Cycle Design.


Watch Pat Hermon explain Reason {#1}: Life Cycle Assessment allows you to identify the sometimes surprising aspects of a design that can be improved.


Why do you love Life Cycle Design? Share it with us!