Featured User – James Leiper

James Leiper, Pritchard Francis

We now have over 1,800 registered eToolLCD users across 61 different countries and we’d like to take a moment each month to celebrate some of our amazing users who are working towards a more sustainable future.

Our featured user of August 2016 is James Leiper from Pritchard Francis. James is a Project Engineer based in Perth who joined the eToolLCD community in May 2016 and recently completed his first full LCA study.

This month we chatted to James about LCD and asked the following questions:

  • What does sustainable building mean to you?

“I see sustainable building as that which accounts for the needs of the present, without compromising the needs of the future society. I like thinking of sustainable designs as those incorporating a really holistic approach to design, where innovation across the different disciplines can come together to create something amazing!”

  • What inspires you about life cycle design?

“I love that you can demonstrate the true benefits of using more sustainable products over their full life cycle. It helps prevent the “easy way out” approach of maybe using the cheapest up-front solution, as often the more sustainable option will be the smarter and more economical choice over time.”

  • What do you like about creating your own LCA models?

“I like being able to change elements in the models at my leisure to get the full picture and where we, as designers, can have the most impact! There’s also nothing quite like knowing how much you’re doing to contribute to sustainability in design on your own projects.”

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