Featured User – Joe Karten

We now have over 1,800 registered eToolLCD users across 61 different countries and we’d like to take a moment each month to celebrate some of our amazing users who are working towards a more sustainable future.

Our third featured user is Joe Karten from Built. Joe joined the eToolLCD community in April 2015 and has completed two full LCAs to EN15978 standards.

This month we asked Joe the following two questions:

  • What does sustainable building mean to you?

Sustainable building means considering the ecological constraints set by a building’s location adhering to micro and macro ecological systems in the design and delivery of a building. It also focuses the design and selection of materials to be installed on a palette that promotes the health and wellbeing of occupants in order to support enhanced physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of those occupants. Sustainable building is considerate and responsible building that takes into account the impact construction will have on the occupants, local environment of the building site, broader community environment, and global ecological health and maximises the positive impact the building will deliver for each of those constituents.

  • What inspires you about life cycle design?
Life cycle design is all about increasing awareness. It provides an avenue for determining the end impact of a building from early on in the design process, allowing a project team to consider a building’s contribution to the environment while large changes are able to be made to building orientation, materials selection, building services and energy supply. It provides a scientific basis upon which to start conversations about the real impacts a building will have over its expected life and at end-of-life demolition. This gives the owner and project team the opportunity to mitigate impacts before work begins on site.


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