Greenbuild 2019 all eyes on embodied impacts

The conference and expo took place in Atlanta and kicked off with the 44th president of the United States Barack Obama in a casual conversation with USGBC President Mahesh Ramanujam and a large crowd at the Georgia World Congress Center. Obama highlighted the challenge we have in front of us to create a global capitalism that reduces inequality. He reinforced that social sustainability will empower people to solve environmental issues across the entire planet. He also shared experiences as a President when negotiating global reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and the importance to consider the “per capita” basis. “I get that we have a culture that like “BIG”, but we have to rethink the size of our homes, our lifestyle and what really gives us satisfaction”.

The event this year was inspiring because of the increased momentum for Whole Building LCA and embodied carbon reduction. There were many educational sessions showcasing LCA studies, research publications and a whole industry movement around understanding relative impacts between different project areas and life cycle stages. Global campaigns like WGBC “Bringing Embodied Carbon Upfront” and Architecture 2030 “New Buildings Embodied Carbon” were referenced in many presentations.

eTool reduce carbon eTool embodied carbon

eTool participated in an educational sessions named: “Don´t shine away from Whole Building LCA”, which the intent was to show the audience case studies and encourage higher uptake of the WBLCA credit. After the main presentation, there was a “Speed Dating” workshop for conference participants to meet with LCA tool providers, learn about their software and share some success stories.

It was motivating to see a collaboration from experts highlighting the importance of the LCA methodology to reduce carbon emissions in the built form, a topic that eTool work hard since 2009 to help transform the construction industry! The team at eTool produced online content on how to apply the methodology and achieve carbon reduction goals with our eToolLCD software:

Additional references for LCA applied to the construction industry can be found at:


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