LCAs For Buildings Now a No-Brainer

Leading LCA Software eToolLCD further brings LCA into the mainstream by offering innovative software subscriptions for easy access

eToolLCD, a global leader in life cycle design and assessment of the built form, is further bringing Life Cycle Assessment into the mainstream by offering a new range of subscription packages designed to further increase accessibility of eToolLCD, making it the most powerful, cost-effective and easy-to-use built form LCA software in the world.

Over the last two decades Life Cycle Design (LCD) and Assessment has evolved significantly and demand for LCD continues to grow exponentially. Life Cycle Design is now the premier decision-making tool for improving environmental performance and has been incorporated into green building rating schemes all over the world[1].

The LCA industry has met this demand with the introduction and alignment of international standards (ISO 14040, ISO 14044, EN 15978), improved background data sources and better software. Once strictly the domain of expert researchers and consultants, front line professionals now have the ability to harness the power of LCA to dramatically inform and improve their projects with modern streamlined tools. In particular, the building profession can now harness the renowned strengths of LCA through an intuitive and easy to access platform – eToolLCD.

Originating in Perth, Western Australia, eTool has now opened up offices in Canberra, Australia and Brighton, United Kingdom as the demand for life cycle assessment and design of the built form continues to soar. eTool has conducted the most built form LCAs in Australia and is quickly establishing themselves as built form LCA leaders around the world.

“We have seen LCD become a standard part of good design all around the world and we felt that making eToolLCD even more accessible was the next move. Everything we do with eToolLCD is designed to make it easy for anyone, located anyone in the world, to login to eToolLCD and be guided through a life cycle design approach to higher performing buildings and infrastructure. eToolLCD is the first built form LCA software in the world to adopt this open-use model, and this will always be a crucial element of our business because our goal and passion is to reduce global carbon emissions from buildings. We believe that educating people about LCD/LCA and putting an LCA software into the hands of as many people as possible will help us achieve that goal,” said Henrique Mendonça, eTool Regional Business Development Manager.

The new subscriptions can now be tailored to meet users unique requirements and they experience a range of additional functionalities associated with each of the subscriptions. Some of the benefits associated include reduced certification costs and accessibility to comprehensive built form LCA training.

“As LCD continues to take the sustainable building industry by storm, the availability of accessible and affordable tools such as eToolLCD is a crucial element to ensuring the highest performance outcome of projects around the world. We’re ecstatic to be at the forefront of the next evolution of sustainable design,” said Alex Bruce, eTool Co-Founder and Business Development Director.

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[1] Countries who have adopted LCA into green building standards: Australia, Germany, UK, France, USA, Netherlands, Switzerland & Japan.


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eTool is a world leading life cycle assessment and design consultancy that optimises building design for lower environmental impact and high performance. Utilising our unique software eToolLCD®, we work with architects, engineers and developers to measure and improve the life cycle impacts of buildings, surpassing industry standards. eToolLCD® makes sustainable development easy to achieve and cost-effective for all size projects, from residential and commercial building to land development and infrastructure.

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