New Sustainability Consultant, Life Cycle Designer Opportunity

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eTool operates in the unique space of sustainability via clever technology – join us to be a part of our exciting future. We offer the world leading life cycle design software for sustainable buildings and infrastructure. eTool provides a flexible working environment and the excitement of working with an ambitious early stage company in a space that is vital for tackling climate change.

The built form is responsible for more than 30% of global carbon emissions. It is imperative that design tools and services are available that provide quantifiable environmental improvements that are economically viable – eTool does just this with eToolLCD software and our Life Cycle Design services.

The role will require:

  • Use eToolLCD software to undertake life cycle environmental and cost assessments of buildings and infrastructure to produce meaningful, quantifiable sustainability and cost comparisons between design options
  • Identify and model environmental performance improvement opportunities
  • Liaise with design teams to communicate and justify improvement opportunities, assist with design implementation when requested
  • Reporting results to relevant standards and frameworks
  • Support our eToolLCD Coaching team delivering an outstanding user experience to the eToolLCD community

We’re on the lookout for people with a passion for the environment and who want to make a difference. You don’t mind crunching numbers, are happy working autonomously and can confidently speak to groups to communicate your work. Research skills, initiative and lateral thinking ability will be highly regarded. Preferred at least 5 years professional experience and relevant graduate degree.

The support we’ll give you:

  • A salary in the range of £40k-£50k depending on the strength of your application
  • Performance based equity in eTool, own part of the business you’re helping create
  • Amazing mentors including of senior consultants on our team and the company founders
  • Training and extensive experience in the use of eToolLCD software and CAD packages to interpret designs, model life cycle impacts and generate LCA outputs
  • Detailed training and support improving the environmental performance of designs which is why eTool exists
  • A flexible, results focussed work environment

The satisfaction you’ll get:

  • eToolLCD is currently helping designers see and avoid 100,000’s of tonnes of CO2e (and lots of other environmental impacts) in their building and infrastructure projects. We want to ramp this up to millions of tonnes of avoided CO2e
  • Experience, training and career progression opportunities hard to match in other roles
  • Invaluable deep experience in the discipline of Life Cycle Assessment which continues to grow in popularity and credibility as the number one method for improving environmental performance

Our requirements:

  • You must be able to think laterally, problem solving is key.  You must bring an enquiring mind motivated to reduce the impacts of buildings on the planet
  • An ability to efficiently conduct your work (punctuality, priority management, risk perception)
  • Empathy for the planet and the customer when delivering work
  • High ethical standards
  • You’re willing to participate in a flexible, vibrant workplace


Negotiable depending on experience – the right candidate can expect a packaged salary of up to £50k.


Flexible (any major urban centre in the UK)

We recognise our employees as being our number one asset and want to share our success with you. Our workplace enables encourages creativity, passion and commitment. We are looking for likeminded people to help us achieve our vision.



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