New eTool Subscription Package For Researchers

To accommodate the rapid uptake of eToolLCD amongst research organisations, eTool have recently released a new subscription package for researchers to enable them to maximise the value of their eToolLCD experience. This new subscription type is available only to individuals engaged within a research organisation as defined by InnoviSCOP.

If you are engaged by a commercial entity to conduct work of a commercial nature using eToolLCD, then this subscription will prove fantastic value. While it provides similar features and reduced certification fees as a “Consultant” subscriber, the monthly fee is waived for the first 12 months. 

Over the last five years eTool has been involved in delivering a number of university and tertiary education courses and projects. As a result of the rapid global uptake of LCD in the built form, we are in the process of developing a resource package designed for progressive organisations wanting to integrate Life Cycle Design into their teaching.

If you are interested, please contact us so we can ensure the resources contain the right content and structure to meet the needs of your curriculum.

We’re hoping to see this help research organisations get more involved in the delivery of LCD into the built form industry and grow the knowledge and experience of the next generation of building design professionals, policy makers and other industry stakeholders. To subscribe or to see more details and T&C’s, please see the subscription page.

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