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eToolLCD With Cogs (Rich)

Our vision is a fun and fulfilling future in balance with the planet. Our business is committed to decarbonising the built form.  eToolLCD is our SaaS product which is growing at 300% PA. It optimises the environmental performance of buildings & infrastructure. You will be developing eToolLCD.

The challenges you will face:

  • Fast track to senior developer responsibilities (and beyond)
  • Fast and rich feature development in our web app which demands a beautiful interface, great user experience whilst processing some deep maths under the hood
  • Full stack development exposure – UX / UI design, front end, back end, DB admin, integrations and basic server management
  • We’re setting you up to lead our dev work, you will learn fast and help with key architectural decisions
  • We deliver in an agile manner. Things are fast moving, flexible, at risk of breaking and exiting

The support we’ll give you:

  • Some food on the table – salary starting at $50k but we’ll ramp this up in line with your responsibilities. Also performance based equity in eTool, own part of the business you’re helping create
  • Amazing mentors – you’ll get to pick the brains of our founders and we have an amazing senior developer on our advisory team who periodically reviews our code and gives us invaluable feedback

The satisfaction you’ll get:

  • eToolLCD is currently helping designers see and avoid 100,000’s of tonnes of CO2e (and lots of other environmental impacts) in their building and infrastructure projects. We want to ramp this up to millions of tonnes of avoided CO2e
  • Product ownership: your fingerprints will be all over our product, you will be a big part in guiding its continued success. Big opportunity for pride in your work here.
  • Incredible, fast tracked experience and responsibility.

Our requirements:

  • You must be able to think laterally, problem solving is key
  • You’re user-centric in your approach to delivering software
  • You can prioritise and manage your time effectively
  • You have an enquiring mind
  • You’re willing to participate in a vibrant workplace
  • Our current stack is web app, ASP.NET frame work with MySQL Database running in the cloud. But we don’t particularly care what language you’re a current gun in, we know good developer transcend languages and frameworks.

About us:

eTool operates in the unique space of sustainability via clever technology – join us to be a part of this exciting future. We offer the world a leading life cycle design app for sustainable buildings and infrastructure.

eTool has achieved some particularly exciting milestones over the last 18 months expanding our market reach to become a truly global entity with offices in Australia, the U.K. and Americas.

At this pivotal point in the company’s journey we are striving to rapidly grow the software subscriber user base and increase our local and global profile. With bright opportunities in front of us right now, eTool provides a flexible working environment and the excitement of working with an ambitious early stage company in a growth field that is vital for tackling climate change.

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