Materials Efficiency Metrics

Thanks to our work with HS2 we have recently added a number of new indicators to help measure materials efficiency.

  • Mass of non-renewable primary material (t eq) – virgin materials not including timber
  • Mass of non-renewable secondary materials (t eq) –  all recycled materials currently largely metals
  • Mass of renewable primary material (t eq) – timber and organic products that can be continually renewed
  • Mass of reused non-renewable materials (t eq) – quantifies directly re-used materials, in the LCA these would only have transport impacts
  • Mass of reused renewable materials (t eq) – such as re-used timber
  • Materials Efficiency Metric – HS2 KPI combining the above

These new indicators will help users understand where the hotspots are and greatest improvement opportunities for material consumption, waste, recycling and circular economy.  Please see here for further detail on how circular economy can link with LCA.

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