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eToolLCD V2 introduced some pretty neat functionality that allows users to enter “expressions” into some fields in a similar way formulas are used in a spreadsheet. This is particularly useful for building operational energy templates, for example, based on building size or occupancy. We have used a third party calculation library to enable this functionality, the list of available operators and functions is available here.

This functionality has dramatically improved the ease at which we can predict operational energy in designs and we’re enjoying using it here at eTool. We will be adding more stored variables as time passes, watch this space. To learn how to utilise this functionality, please get in touch for some training.

We also have a number of variables that relate to the design and can be used in expressions. The list of these is provided below. The default values that are used in library template calculations before loading into a design, or when a variable is left blank. The full list of variables is here:

NameUnitCodeDefault ValueModel LevelCategoryDescription
Annual Data TransmittedTBDT100,000FunctionAttributeAnnual Data Transmitted
Annual Energy GeneratedkWhEG100,000FunctionAttributeAnnual Energy Generated
Annual Energy StoredkWhES1,000,000FunctionAttributeAnnual Energy Stored
Annual Energy TransmittedkWhET1,000,000FunctionAttributeAnnual Energy Transmitted
Annual Freight ThroughputtFT100,000FunctionAttributeAnnual Freight Throughput
Annual Horizontal Infrared RadiationWh/m2Sol_H6,500ProjectAnnual Horizontal Infrared Radiation
Annual Operating HourshrsOH2,000FunctionAttributeAnnual operating hours of the building for its intended functional use.
Annual Passenger Throughput#PT60,000FunctionAttributeAnnual Passenger Throughput
Annual Standard Axles#SA600,000FunctionAttributeAnnual Standard Axles
Annual Throughput Volumem3TV6,000FunctionAttributeAnnual Throughput Volume
Artificially Lit Aream2ALA1,200FunctionServicesArea artificially lit
Average Ambient Temperature Whilst CoolingDegrees CACT35DesignHiddenAverage ambient temperature whilst cooling weighted for heating times and loads
Average Ambient Temperature Whilst HeatingDegrees CAHT5DesignHiddenAverage ambient temperature whilst heating weighted for heating times and loads
Average Daytime Occupancyhrs/dayDTO8DesignHiddenAverage daytime occupancy hours for the building
Average Nighttime Occupancyhrs/dayNTO8DesignHiddenAverage nighttime occupancy hours for the building
Average water Inlet TemperatureDegrees CIWT15ProjectAverage Water Inlet Temperature
Bedrooms#BR3FunctionAttributeNumber of bedrooms
Cooling LoadMJ/m2/AnnumCL900FunctionServicesCooling load required of mechanical HVAC plant to control building temperature
Data Storage CapacityTBDS10,000FunctionAttributeData Storage Capacity
Default Indoor Illumination RequirementLxLTA900FunctionServicesDefault illumination intensity required in the building
Direct Solar RadiationWh/m2Sol_D7,000ProjectDirect Solar Radiation
Durability Life ExpectancyyearsDLE100DesignDurability life expectancy which does not account for redevelopment pressure
Dwellings#DW1FunctionAttributeNumber of dwellings (or tenancies) in the building
Energy Monitoring Adjustment Factor0%EMAF1ProjectEnergy monitoring adjustment factor for consumption rates
Expected OccupantsyearsO10DesignExpected occupancy of the building
Expected Service LifeyearsLE50DesignExpected Service Life
Fully Enclosed Covered Aream2FECA1,200FunctionAreaThe sum of all such areas at all building floor levels, including basements (except unexcavated portions), floored roof spaces and attics, garages, penthouses, enclosed porches and attached enclosed covered ways alongside buildings
Gross Floor Aream2GFA1,400FunctionAreaThe sum of the Fully Enclosed Covered Area and Unenclosed Covered Area as defined
Heating LoadMJ/m2/AnnumHL900FunctionServicesHeating load required of mechanical HVAC plant to control building temperature
Indoor thermostat set point (Summer)Degrees CICT24DesignHiddenIndoor thermostat set point during summer
Indoor thermostat set point (winter)Degrees CIHT20DesignHiddenIndoor thermostat set point during winter
Land Aream2LA2,000ProjectLand associated with the building project (footprint of building, parking and landscaping)
Life Cycle Bed - Nights#LCBNCalculatedFunctionAttributeLife Cycle Bed - Nights
Life Cycle Data TransmittedTBLCDTCalculatedFunctionAttributeLife Cycle Data Transmitted
Life Cycle Energy GeneratedkWhLCEGCalculatedFunctionAttributeLife Cycle Energy Generated
Life Cycle Energy StoredkWhLCESCalculatedFunctionAttributeLife Cycle Energy Stored
Life Cycle Energy TransmittedkWhLCETCalculatedFunctionAttributeLife Cycle Energy Transmitted
Life Cycle Freight Distancet.kmsLCFDCalculatedFunctionAttributeLife Cycle Freight kms
Life Cycle Freight ThroughputtLCFTCalculatedFunctionAttributeLife Cycle Freight Throughput
Life Cycle Occupant HourshrsLCOHCalculatedFunctionAttributeLife cycle operating hours of the building for its intended functional use.
Life Cycle Passenger Distance#.kmsLCPDCalculatedFunctionAttributeLife Cycle Passenger kms
Life Cycle Passenger Throughput#LCPTCalculatedFunctionAttributeLife Cycle Passenger Throughput
Life Cycle Standard Axles#LCSACalculatedFunctionAttributeLife Cycle Standard Axles
Life Cycle Throughput Volumem3LCTVCalculatedFunctionAttributeLife Cycle Throughput Volume
Life Cycle Workload Unit Distance#.kmsLCWLUDCalculatedFunctionAttributeLife Cycle Workload Unit kms
Life Cycle Workload Units (1p = 100kg)#LCWLUCalculatedFunctionAttributeLife Cycle Workload Units (1p = 100kg)
Lighting LuxlxLX150FunctionServicesSpeficied light requirements of the lit area
Lighting Runtimehrs / yearLRT2,500FunctionServicesAnnual lamp run time
Mechanical Ventilation Runtimehrs / yearMRT2,500FunctionServicesAnnual operating hours of mechanical ventilation system
Net Lettable Aream2NLA1,000FunctionAreaThe sum of all lettable areas within a commercial type office building
Pavement Aream2PA62,500,000FunctionAttributePavement Area
Project Occupancy#P_O10ProjectOccupancy of the entire project
Storage Volumem3SV2,000FunctionAttributeStorage Volume
Stories#ST1DesignNumber of stories (or levels) in the building
Tenancies#TE1FunctionAttributeNumber of tenancies
Treated Area - Coolingm2CA900FunctionServicesInternal area conditioned by mechanical HVAC plant equipped to cool
Treated Area - Heatingm2HA900FunctionServicesInternal area conditioned by mechanical HVAC plant equipped to heat
Treated Area - Mechanical Ventilationm2MA1,000FunctionServicesInternal area conditioned by mechanical HVAC plant equipped to heat
Unenclosed Covered Aream2UCA200FunctionAreaThe sum of all such area at all building floor levels, including roofed balconies, open verandahs, porches, porticos, attached open covered ways alongside buildings, undercrofts and useable space under buildings, unenclosed access galleries (including ground floor) and any other trafficable covered areas of the building which are not totally enclosed by full height walls
Usable Floor Aream2UFA1,000FunctionAreaFully enclosed building area
Vacancy Rate0%VR0FunctionAttributeVacancy Rate
Vehicle Spaces#VS40FunctionAttributeVehicle Spaces
Work Stations#WS2FunctionAttributeNumber of workspaces and/or bedrooms in the building
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