Life Cycle Assessment – How eTool can help you achieve your goals

Leveraging off our extensive experience and skills and the power of the eTool LCA software, we can help push your project to global best practice – Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Below are some examples of the variety of ways eTool can help your project achieve its goals.

Option 1.

eTool as Consultants

The best results are achieved when you incorporate LCA at the early design phase of your projects. eTool can act as your own LCA specialists from start to finish ensuring you get expert advice all the way through. If your project is past the design phase, it’s not too late. Contact eTool now to get our specialists on board.

You’re not restricted to just working with us to embed LCA into your next project. To make it even easier to access there are now multiple eTool LCA trained assessors working within other organisations around the globe.


Option 2.

eTool as Software providers

If LCA is something you’d like to be doing in house then our software, “eTool LCA”, is what you’ve been looking for. The web based tool is free to access until you use it for commercial purposes. At this point you will need eTool “certify” your project through a ‘pay as you go’ style arrangement. There are a range of training and support subscription services created to best suit your needs.


Option 3.

eTool as both: Consultant & Software provider

If you’re unsure of whether you’d like to use a consultant or run with LCA in house, we can work with you as consultants through the first few projects until you are ready to make a decision. During that time, you’ll be able to gain insight in to the LCA process without wasting valuable time and will get maximum value out of our highly skilled team. Then, if you’d like to switch to performing LCAs in house, we can fully train your team on the software.


If none of the above quite suit your needs, eTool is happy to tailor a  proposal to fit your exact requirements. Please get in contact to discuss what you’re after to get your projects up to speed with the International Standard for sustainable design – LCA.

To get a basic understanding of costs for either us acting consultants or “certifications” please head to this page.

For more info, check out our FAQ page and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further explanation or have any questions.

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