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City of Vincent, Heritage & Eco Ideas Day

07/11/2015 @ 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

- Free
City of Vincent Heritage & Eco Ideas Day

Henrique Mendonca and Alex Bruce from eTool will both be presenting and offering 10 minute one-on-one consultations sharing their knowledge on Life Cycle Design and how to achieve sustainable building.

Let me tell you a story about LCD…

Accounting is to Business…

Function and Form are to Architecture…

The Laws of Physics are to engineering…

…as Life Cycle Design is to sustainability

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About eTool

eToolLCD was born in 2010 by Alex Bruce and Richard Haynes, out of a need to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment for a client wanting to understand their total carbon footprint, eTool was always about finding solutions for a sustainable future. After realising that there wasn’t a tool available for conducting accurate and repeatable LCA’s of the built form in a financially efficient manner, we set off to build our own.
Since its inception, the eTool team has grown, reaching countries all over the world such as the UK, Brazil and Germany. With over 200 LCAs under our belt and an impressive client list working on some fantastic projects, we’ve quickly become a global leader of LCAs of the built form, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of the evolution of sustainable building design. For all of us here at eTool, it’s not just about creating the best Life Cycle Design software out there, not just about building sustainably, and not just about reducing our impact on the planet. It’s about simply building better.
While eToolLCD is already pretty impressive software, we are continually developing and improving and will continue to do so until the whole world is building sustainably.

What we do

eTool LCD Software Subscription

eToolLCD is an intuitive, open-use, web-based, whole building life cycle assessment (LCA) and design software that produces comprehensive reports complete with comparable sustainable building data with outputs compliant with international standards ISO 14044 and EN 15978. In keeping with our goal to ensure Life Cycle Assessment of buildings and the built environment is accessible to everyone and anyone, we have created a number of user subscriptions to suit organisations or individuals looking to be a part of the evolution in sustainable design.

eTool LCD Certification

The certification service is for eToolLCD users who want to use the software commercially, or want an independent verification of their non-commercial eToolLCD models.  The certification service helps ensure that eToolLCD software is appropriately used by ensuring a high quality of user inputs.

EN15978 report and Third Party Review

For publically released LCA studies or where a requirement such as Greenstar exists for an EN15978 compliant LCA study eTool can provide this. The EN15978 study and subsequent report is conducted in accordance with EN15878. An independent 3rd party Peer Review will be carried out once the design, LCA model and finalised reports are completed.

Target Setting Report

These targets are established by modelling a “business as usual” version of the proposed structure based on early brief details (e.g. the purpose of the structure, approximate size, logistical considerations, regulatory limitations etc.). This LCA model is then used to identify environmental hot spots and assign strategies to reduce these. This process is conducted partially in a workshop format so that the relevant stakeholders can contribute to the strategies being considered. The effect of each strategy is estimated.

LCD Services

LCA is the most comprehensive and robust method of environmental accounting for buildings and infrastructure. The four key steps to the LCD Service are:

  1. Quantify: Life Cycle Assessment is used to quantify the entire environmental impact of your project over its whole lifespan.
  2. Compare: Your building’s performance is compared to relevant benchmarks.  Each activity, geometric element and life cycle phase can be compared to highlight environmental hot spots to be targeted for improvement.
  3. Improve: We utilise the real power of Life Cycle Assessment by identifying, targeting and reducing environmental hot spots through improvement strategies. A comprehensive LCA report is provided, giving the design team the key information.
  4. Certify: An internal or external third party review is conducted to ensure the results of the LCA study are robust and the final design performance is accurate.

LCD Lite

Available for projects under $500,000 in construction costs. The eTool LCD Lite service is essentially a streamlined version of the full life cycle design service. The predominant differences are:

  • The base design take-off is derived from some basic building attributes such as floor area, ceiling height, number of stories etc. This reduces time dedicated to detailed 3D modelling and enables more focus on identifying improvement strategies.
  • Up to 10 recommendations modelled with the aim of identifying the top 5 only


eTool also provide a host of useful reports that can be used to help market the building.


Why work with us?

1) Credibility. We know what we are doing, and we’ve done lots of it. We’ve conducted the most LCAs for Green Star projects than anyone else in Australia and have completed over 100 LCAs of buildings. We have a proven track record and we developed rigorous software that is compliant to EN 15978.

2) Expertise. We are passionate about the built form and that is our focus. We aim to encourage high performance outcomes in all aspects of your project.

3) Design. The core reason of eTool existence, we will help to improve the design to ensure a high performance outcome.

4) Usability. We use and continually improve our advanced built-form LCA software eToolLCD, every day to ensure quick, intuitive and accurate modelling outcomes

Our Clients

We work with clients ranging from homeowners, architects/designers to builders, developers and governments. While we recommend utilising eToolLCD during the design phase of your project, life cycle assessment can be used at any stage of a project.

See what our clients have to say about their experience with eTool: https://etoolglobal.com/our-clients/


City of Vincent
244 Vincent Street
Leederville, 6007
+ Google Map


City of Vincent
244 Vincent Street
Leederville, 6007
+ Google Map