There’s a host of reasons why we certify users designs, here’s a few:

  • From day one eTool recognised the importance of comparable and accurate results flowing from our software.  By checking users’s inputs eTool can ensure comparability.
  • Industry is renowned for criticising software, and software companies are renowned for pointing the finger at user’s inputs (garbage in garbage out).  We wanted a different relationship between users and eToolLCD where there was no need for finger pointing
  • ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards for LCA call for all studies to be verified by a third party, it made sense for us to offer this service as we understand the inner workings of the software which is important for an LCA verification.
  • It provided us with a revenue model that didn’t require large upfront fees, and this allows the proliferation of affordable LCAs, and lower impact buildings (project budget is no longer a key factor in commissioning an LCA)

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