Our primary aim is to make LCA philosophy a standard component to all design processes.
In order to achieve this the software had to be extremely accessible and hence the decision to make it free. We do understand that in order to achieve our primary aim we also need to generate revenue to advance and improve the software; as a result our current revenue streams are based on the following components:

  • Assessments: We offer the service of completing an assessment for people who don’t have the time or desire to use the software themselves. These assessments are charged at a rate that covers our time and work required for eTool to gather the data from your design and conduct the assessment. The service also comes with standard recommendations that allow you to improve your designs.
  • Certifications: We ask that anyone who uses the software for commercial gain (please see our software “Terms and Conditions” when you first register for use) to “certify” their designs. Essentially this is a service where we will check your assessment to ensure it has been completed correctly and present you with a report and certificate that allows you to publish your results to clients.
    If you choose not to certify you cannot in any form claim reference to eTool software outputs.

We feel that through the above revenue streams we will be able to continue to support and develop our software while ensuring it remains as accessible as possible to the greatest number of users.

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