Green Star

Projects aiming for a Green Star rating, at any level, will find the points associated with the Life Cycle Impacts credit readily accessible. LCA will not only improve your design, it will also provide an efficient, stress-free and cost-effective solution to maximizing your Green Star rating.

eTool have completed or peer reviewed over 100 projects registered for Green Star, including Design & As Built, Interiors and Communities ratings.

Design & As Built: up to 7 points

Interiors: up to 19 points

Communities: up to 5 points

If you’re interested in taking eToolLCD in-house, engaging our consulting services, or simply would like to discuss your project and Green Star, please get in touch.

Some clients who have successfully utilised the Life Cycle Impacts credit:

Ballarat Gov Hub inside
Floth - 69 Robertson Street
University of Melbourne - Green Star Project

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