eToolLCD Life Cycle Inventory

eToolLCD relies on various life cycle inventory data covering multiple indicators with regionalisation for different locations.

A holistic approach using various indicators

Multiple indicators available including environmental, financial and product circularity indicators.

Select from multiple LCI sources

eTool default and BRE Impact are the Life Cycle Inventories available in eToolLCD. Customise your study with a comprehensive list of processes and ISO 14044 compliant datasets.

LCI Regionalisation methodology

The Default LCI Group in eToolLCD has a number of global regions available. The LCI and associated default values for new project inventory entries are regionalised to ensure adequate geographic data quality for LCA studies.

EPD – Environmental Product Declaration

Add new EPD to your designs or select from existing EPD library, compare EPDs with the standard inventory materials and also understand how specific products correlate with the whole project performance.