Choosing the right subscription for you or your organisation

With a range of subscriptions available, eToolLCD has been designed to suit organisations or individuals, making Life Cycle Design easy and cost effective.

Floating seat for Enterprise and Specialist users

Collaborate in eToolLCD and share available seats with multiple users to embed LCA practice at your organisation. Wondering how seat sharing works in eToolLCD?

Specialist Hot-Seat and Specialist External seat

Automated seat allocation and advanced collaboration with external users.

Floating specialist seats automatically allocated by the software in real time at user login. External consultants with existing eToolLCD Specialist seat do not require an allocation and will be able to utilise their existing seats when collaborating on projects

Sharing and transferring models

The Consultant Plan is intended for individual LCA practitioners.

Will your employer want access to your LCA models after you move roles or otherwise stop using eToolLCD? If so, you need the Enterprise or Specialist plan as the Consultant plan does not allow sharing or transferring of models between users during or after your subscription.