Integrate environmental performance with Life Cycle Costing

ISO compliant Life Cycle Costing to help the design team achieve high performance at a lowest cost over the project life cycle.

LCA and LCC integration

eTool´s unique template structure includes data on all people and equipment impacts as well as materials that make up a construction element. This means that templates include maintenance as well as replacement costs over the life cycle and makes converting an LCA to an LCC very simple.

eToolLCD Cost scaling

Scale costs to match a cost plan by adjusting materials, people/equipment and total capital costs. Make changes at a project level or on a template by template basis to refine the study.

Financial Variables

Customise your LCC and automate life cycle calculations by specifying present value discount rate and inflation rates for materials, equipment, labour, energy and water.

LCC Reports

ISO156865 compliant LCC Reports to be used for BREEAM – Management credits or other application following ISO standard.