Media Releases

December 2014

Australian LCA Software Now EPD Friendly 

“LCA Software Lets Manufacturers Upload EPDs for Comparison”Environmental Leader

August 2014

Green Stars for LCA in Perth 

“Kings Square achieves first sustainability rating for office tower, and an LCA first” The Fifth Estate

“Cundall and eTool achieve 5 Star Green Star in Kings Square, Perth” infolink

“Thinking in circles” Green Building Council Australia

“LCA First for King Square”  Cundall

“Kings Square Achieves First Sustainability Rating With Leighton’s KS1” The Urban Developer

“Leighton Properties’ Kings Square achieves the project’s first sustainability rating for KS1” Leighton Properties

June 2014

Project Achieves 6 Star Green Star Rating Using eToolLCD Software 

“University of Melbourne scores its first 6 Star building, with full innovation points” –  The Fifth Estate

“John Wardle Architects, Umow Lai and eToolLCD software achieve 6 green star outcome”Architecture & Design

April 2014

eTool LCA reveals 60% carbon cut in leading UK development 

“Australia’s eTool helps UK development reduce 60% of its greenhouse gas emissions” – Architecture & Design

“One Brighton Achieving 60% Carbon Cut, Aiming 70%”United Kingdom Green Building Council (UKGBC)

“One Brighton achieves deep carbon cuts” BioRegional Press Release

“LCA Helps Development Cut GHGs 60%”Environmental Leader

“eTool LCA Identifies Dramatic Carbon Savings”Sourceable

April 2014

The Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) embraces LCA 

“Aussie rating tools embrace life cycle assessment”The Fifth Estate 

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