Edge by Psaros

Edge is an award-winning sustainable developments by Psaros, located 10 minutes walk from Perth city. It incorporates renewable energy technology, clever energy efficiency measures for individual homes and common areas and a long design life.

The development offers 96 one and two bedroom luxury apartments offering a truly sustainable city location with local amenities including restaurants, shopping and the CBD just a few minutes by bike or foot. 

  • Date: September 2013
  • Developer: Psaros
  • Location: Northbridge, Perth

Results Summary

Impact AreaTotal CO2e / Year / occupant (kg CO2e)% Saved Against BenchmarkeTool Medal
Embodied Carbon66631 %
Operational Carbon1,60449 %
Total Carbon2,26944 %

Project features

Design life

Edge by Psaros consists of 96 high quality design apartments located on Newcastle Street close to the bustle of Northbridge and within 10 minutes walking distance of the city. High density and future proofing architectural design gives an estimated 150 years design life in eTool. The estimated occupancy for the whole development is 154 occupants divided into 1 and 2 bedroom apartments.

Energy Efficiency

Innovative approach to reduce total carbon emissions is part of Psaros’ strategic planning and design. Edge occupants will benefit from real time online energy monitoring to understand electricity consumption in detail for each apartment and adjust behaviour accordingly.

Well designed ventilated fridge space will improve the efficiency of the condenser and therefore reduce electricity use.

High efficiency air conditioning units with a coefficient of performance (COP) of 4+ will provide heating and cooling load with minimum electricity requirements. COP of 4 means that for every unit of electricity used by the system, 4 units of heat will be delivered to the conditioned space. The higher the COP the higher the carbon savings.

Common Energy Use

Multi-residential apartment buildings have high demand for electricity due to common lighting, car park lighting, car park ventilation, pool heating and lifts. Electricity costs can have a significant impact on occupants’ strata fees if an intelligent design is not implemented. The Edge development incorporates motion sensors to reduce lamp run time in car park and common areas, lift with regenerative drive and standby and seasonal pool with solar heating.

Renewable Energy

A solar PV system will be installed that fully covers the available roof space and provides a total of 56 kW that will be divided between the upper apartments and building common electricity use. 60m2 of solar thermal panels will also provide a proportion of the residents’ hot water requirements from a renewable source with the remaining met by an efficient centralised gas boiler.

Psaros will also be incorporating a unique vertically mounted PV system on the west facade. PV mounted vertically and west facing will have a reduced annual output compared to the optimum north facing 30 degree pitch of around 46%. However eTool LCA analysis shows that this system still remains one of the most cost effective methods for reducing carbon emissions. As the PV will only be producing at its peak mid afternoon it will also help reduce the peak load of the building. Meeting the peak load is something that electricity generators battle with as there is a large loss in efficiency from fossil fuel power stations that are fired on and off at intervals.

This assessment was conducted by Pat.